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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:27 pm

Patron Rules

- Do not spam the dream with items or floors. If you see someone doing this, tell staff.

- Don't be rude to staff or guests.

- Respect others desisions.

- If you see someone harassing others, please tell staff.

- Do not impersonate another staff member

- Do not break into a home and spam it nor steal items

- Please keep everything PG.

Staff Rules
1. Do not abuse your staff powers, or they can / will be taken away.
2. All staff are equal, the only exeptions are the owners.
3. Only start a House Check if all homes are sold.
4. If you are going to be offline for a long period of time, try your best to tell an owner how long you will be gone.
5. Give a patron 2 - 3 warnings before you eject. Also, when you eject, emit who you ejected and why.
6. Tag your emits ( [Emit] Blahhh - Bob) and do not emit random things that aren't useful to Patrons.
7. Try not to A.F.K. behind the desk, if you want to A.F.K. you can go to the staff room, or A.F.K. place.
8. If someone advertises another dream, you can eject them without warning, just whisper them why they were ejected and emit the reason.
9. Please do not use inapropriate language.
10. If you need help with anything, ask a fellow staff member or whisper/PM the owners.
11. Check back here often. We edit/add rules often, so make sure you follow them.

Application Rules


- After you post your applcation, you are allowed one time to edit it only

- Do not get mad at the owners or any staff if they do not accept/recommend your application. Please do not harrass/get mad or angry at them. They are trying to do whats best for the dream.

- Do not post a reply on your application.

- Please do not post a bunch of smiles throughout your application. Your application needs to be easy to read.

- Do not copy others answers onto your application. If you do, you will not be accepted.

- Post "Mountain Dew" Somewhere in your application to let us know that you read the rules Very Happy
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