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PostSubject: Reopening   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:15 pm

Waterfall Homes is reopened and will be hiring new staff, original staff members that are still active have the option of staying staff. There will be an update for the dream sometime in the future where there will be things moved around, things added, and things deleted.

There will be a new staff system, starting out with ranks.
Owners: Dream creator and Co owner
Maintenance: Maintainers of dream (help with new dream features and spam checkers)
Advanced Staff: Staff that have been in dream for atleast 1 month, or are promoted by owner(s) (They also have the power to give share to Staff In Training (Who do not get auto share, exceptions may be made by owners)
Staff In Training: Staff who are just hired, they do not get auto share until they are advanced staff.

Also, when the update arrives, there will be a new garden locking system. Some new places to live will also be added, along with a "Park" and new race track. There will be more ideas to be added as they are thought of. If you have anything you want in the update, post your idea in the "Suggestions" forum.
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