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 House seeker's application

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House Seeker

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PostSubject: House seeker's application   Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:27 am

Waterfall Homes Application Form

Fill out this form, then copy the form then post it to a new topic.

*Do not post your application under this or it will be ignored.*


· What is your Furcadian name? House seeker

· How old are you I.R.L. (In Real Life)? Can't tell you this

· Have you worked at any other B.A.H. (Build A Home) dreams before? If so, how many? Yes, about 20 of them but currently working at 1.

· Do you use a proxy? (Such as Dogproxy) Nope

· What hours are you usually online? 3-4 Hours

Answer Questions:

· Another staff is going around the dream messing up items, floors, and walls. You tell
them to stop and to fix what they did, and they say they will, but you later
find out that they went right back to messing up the dream, what would you do? I would save the log and screenshot. I would give him 3 warnings. If he doesn't stop on the third warning, I would eject the staff and report to Waterfall Homes.

· You have just been hired at Waterfall Homes, and another staff that has been staff
longer than you says, “I have been staff here longer than you, you have to
listen to me or I will eject you!” to you, what would you do? I would save the log, leave the dream, and whisper to Waterfall Homes about what happened and give him the log.

· A staff keeps ejecting you for something you didn’t do. You tell them that you didn’t
do it and ask them to stop. The staff doesn’t listen to you and continues to eject
you. What would you do I would ask another staff member to tell the staff member to stop. If it doesn't stop. I'll ask Waterfall Homes to solve this problem.

· If you see patron spamming the dream and ask them to stop but they continue, what would your actions be? I would give 3 warnings to the patron. On the third warning and doesn't stop, I'll eject the patron and report to Waterfall Homes for a decision wether to banish or not.

· What would you tell a furre that has never been to a Build-A-Home before? (20 words minimum): Welcome to Waterfall Homes,one of a Build-A-Home dream. Build-A-Homes are
wonderful places to chat and to make friends. You can also work at
Build-A-Home places. Some has forums for you to apply or a interview.
Alot of the Build-A-Home dreams has almost the same commands but
different. Theres a thing called House Check. If there's a house check, you must stand front of your front yard where you can be seen to be able to keep your house. If your offline or not on your front yard on time, your house will be for sale.
We share an environment with 15 lovely houses and 11 beautiful gardens. To get commands, say commands. To find a certain house or certain garden, say 1-15 or g1-g11. If you want to see what house are available instead of walking to find one, Bump into the water fountain. To buy a house, just say desk and ask one of the staff member or me to give you a house. After you bought a house, you may decorate it whatever you like. To get items, say items. Choose a item you want to pick and then press F2 or say citem and then go to your house and drop the item that you want to place it or say pitem for multiple of that item. If your looking for a type of item. Type "qc" for a list of types of item instead of walking to look for it. There is a adoption center, say adoption to get there. The adoption center is for people who wants to get adopted. If you have to be AFK, say AFK to get to a AFK place where you can AFK. In this dream, you can make money. You have to grow some plants and sell them in the mall. Just say mall to get there. In the mall, there is many things to buy but you need gold to get them. Bump into one of the wolf to get more info. There is a item searching game. Just say item searchers to get into the item searching game room. If you don't know how to play it, say How To Play Item Searchers. There are rules in the dreams. Say rules to get the rules. Lastly but awesome, we have awesome locals! We got wolf, bunny, kitty, and normal. Just say the neame of the local and you will turn into that type of local.

"Mountain Dew"
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Waterfall Homes

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PostSubject: Re: House seeker's application   Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:05 pm

You have a wonderfull application.
-You made it very easy to see the questions, and your answers.
-You really outdid yourself on the last question.
-You read the rules.
-Your sentances use good grammar.

I reccomend you.

Wait for Howl to check over this application and you will then be notifyed if you have been accepted or rejected.

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PostSubject: Re: House seeker's application   Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:29 pm

Hmm.. This application is okay. One thing though... The owners are not on 24/7. We cannot be there all the time to handle situations as examples of those above. Anyways, overall a good application.

You have been Accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: House seeker's application   

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House seeker's application
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