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 Destiny Meow's Application

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PostSubject: Destiny Meow's Application   Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:14 pm

Waterfall Homes Application Form

Fill out this form, then copy the form then post it to a new topic.

*Do not post your application under this or it will be ignored.*


· What is your Furcadian name?

Destiny Meow

· How old are you I.R.L. (In Real Life)?
13, soon 14. (Two months later)

· Have you worked at any other B.A.H. (Build A Home) dreams before? If so, how many?
Nope, but I know what to do to become staff.

· Do you use a proxy? (Such as Dogproxy)

No, I have no idea what is proxy.

· What hours are you usually online?

11:00 AM - 3:00AM for weekends only.

Answer Questions:

· Another staff is going around the dream messing up items, floors, and walls. You tell
them to stop and to fix what they did, and they say they will, but you later
find out that they went right back to messing up the dream, what would you do?

I would let owner knows who messed up the dream, then I will fix them myself. (Other staff who want to help me is fine.) Then prove it with screenshot before it's too late.

· You have just been hired at Waterfall Homes, and another staff that has been staff
longer than you says, “I have been staff here longer than you, you have to
listen to me or I will eject you!” to you, what would you do?

I would respect that staff. If they commands me in wrong way such as messing up house, push the customer for no reason, swear at random people and stuffs like that.

· A staff keeps ejecting you for something you didn’t do. You tell them that you didn’t
do it and ask them to stop. The staff doesn’t listen to you and continues to eject
you. What would you do

I would try come back again in 30 minutes or a hour to see if staff stop ejecting me. If staff didn't I will try contact owner as soon as possible.

· If you see patron spamming the dream and ask them to stop but they continue, what would your actions be?
I would eject that spammer, also I will not forget to whisper the reason to spammer and emit who got ejected with reason, like most staffs normally do.

· What would you tell a furre that has never been to a Build-A-Home before? (20 words minimum):
Welcome to Waterfall Homes! This is a place where you can build your own home, make friend, adopt a pets or children, play games, and many other cool stuffs!
To buy the house, pick a home 1-15 or you also can buy garden 1-11! So, let buy one now! If you want change the floors, here, I will explain to you how to change the floors.
First, go to floor shop, say, "floors," and stand on any floor tile you want, say cfloor, then go to your house and say pfloor, please enjoy your new floor sets! Smile
Oh and, if you want pick the items, say, "items," or "qc," to see which group of items you would like to have for your home! If you don't want to carry one item all the time or carry double items at the same time, just stand on any item and say, "citem" then to make item, say "pitem!"
Oh, look! This is local species, you can say wolf, bunny, or kitty! But kitty localspecie commands is broken, but don't worry! You still always be wolf or bunny! To get back to normal furry self, say, "normal!"
We hope you can stay here as long as you like to, please enjoy here, because we all supports you! Wink

Mountain Dew!
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Meow's Application   Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:38 pm

These were the things I noticed:
-I see alot of grammer mistakes.
-You rely on the owners alot.
-You don't eject a spammer automaticly. You give them atleast 2 warnings.

I don't think you are quite ready for the job here. Sorry,

Not recommended.
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Meow's Application   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:54 pm

Rely on owners too much,
Grammer mistakes
Imo, eject spammer when caught then report to a higher member of staff.

No Rec.
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Waterfall Homes

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Meow's Application   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:38 pm

Sorry, but you will have to redo your application because it has not been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Meow's Application   

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Destiny Meow's Application
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