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 Kikarododa's Application

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PostSubject: Kikarododa's Application   Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:34 pm


What is your Furcadian name? Kikarododa

· How old are you I.R.L. (In Real Life)? 11

· Have you worked at any other B.A.H. (Build A Home) dreams before? If so, how many? I've worked at four.

· Do you use a proxy? (Such as Dogproxy) No

· What hours are you usually online? On school days
3:00p.m. to 1:00a.m. Regular days 1:00p.m. to 1:00a.m.

Answer Questions:

· Another staff is going around the dream messing up items, floors, and walls. You tell
them to stop and to fix what they did, and they say they will, but you later
find out that they went right back to messing up the dream, what would you do? If another staff member is messing the dream up.
I'll give them three warnings that I will tell the dream owner about what they were doing.I'll tell them that the dream owner
may ban them or take away their share.

· You have just been hired at Waterfall Homes, and another staff that has been staff
longer than you says, “I have been staff here longer than you, you have to
listen to me or I will eject you!” to you, what would you do? I'll listen to the staff member but I will also keep a Logfile and take
Screenshots of the abuse of power and harassment.I'll catch the dream owner whenever I can and show them the LogFile or Screenshots.

· A staff keeps ejecting you for something you didn’t do. You tell them that you didn’t
do it and ask them to stop. The staff doesn’t listen to you and continues to eject
you. What would you do? If a staff member ejects me for something I didn't do I would try to find out who really did
it to convince the staff member that it wasn't me.

· If you see patron spamming the dream and ask them to stop but they continue, what would your actions be? If
there was someone spamming the dream I'd use the three warnings method.If they didn't stop on the last warning I'd eject them and alert other staff members of the spammer.

· What would you tell a furre that has never been to a Build-A-Home before? (20 words minimum): I'd tell them that a B.A.H is a dream where you use your imagination to decorate your very own house.It is short fur Build A Home.You can choose from over 100 items
in the item room to put in your house and you can also team up with someone else and be roommates.There are other compartments in the dream like the desk where you can ask a staff member for help if you need help with your house or commands.

Mountain Dew

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PostSubject: Re: Kikarododa's Application   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:40 pm

You had a good amount of detail, until the last question. I recommend you redo your last question and then try again.
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Kikarododa's Application
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