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 What your Application should look like.

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PostSubject: What your Application should look like.   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:19 pm

*This is what your application should look like when you'r finished. Do not copy it, make your own.*


What is your Furcadian name? Ysabel

How old are you I.R.L. (In Real Life)? 12

Have you worked at any other B.A.H. (Build A Home) dreams before? If so, how many? Yes, my alts work at Xbi Wolf Homes, Rapidfire Homes, and Kisaki Shorline Homes.

Do you use a proxy? (Such as Dogproxy) I use Dogproxy but thats all so far.

What hours are you usually online? For now I'll be on from 8:AM-10 or 11PM (Central) but staring August 25 - June 6 I'll be on from 4:15PM - 10PM for school, unless on weekends or no school or half a day then i'll be on longer.

Answer Questions:

Another staff is going around the dream messing up items, floors, and walls. You tell them to stop and to fix what they did, and they say they will, but you later find out that they went right back to messing up the dream, what would you do? I'll follow them with an alt an pretend just to get stuff for my house while taking screenshots to show to the owners, and with my staff alt give them warnings and if they're a lower staff or same as me I m ight eject them if they get more then 3 warnings and try to keep them away from the other furres and items as much as possible and show the owners the screenshots if they're on.

You have just been hired at Waterfall Homes, and another staff that has been staff longer than you says, ďI have been staff here longer than you, you have to listen to me or I will eject you!Ē to you, what would you do? If they are a higher rank then me, I obviously have to listen to them, but if they're the same rank as me I'll tell them that since we're the same rank they cant make me do whatever they say and they cant eject me for personal reasons and possibly take a screenshot and keep the logs in case the other staff member decides to eject me.

A staff keeps ejecting you for something you didnít do. You tell them that you didnít do it and ask them to stop. The staff doesnít listen to you and continues to eject you. What would you do? Tell them I have a right to tell the owners if they continue to eject me without any proof. If they continue I'll bring an alt in the dream so I could get the logs that say "So and so ejected so and so from the dream" and also get the logs that say "You have been ejected from the dream" and take a couple of screenshots to show to the owners. I will try my best to keep away from any fights as best I can, or it will just give the other staff something to hold against me.

If you see patron spamming the dream and ask them to stop but they continue, what would your actions be? I'll emit for the house/garden ownders to lock their doors, and give the patron 3 warnings, and if they continue I'll eject them and clean up the spam, but if they continue to enter the dream and spam I'll put them on EOS and maybe, if it IS safe, emit the furres its safe to unlock their homes but maybe just to keep watch for any other spammers.

What would you tell a furre that has never been to a Build-A-Home before? (20 words minimum): I would say "Hello! This is a BAH (Build a Home)! Don't worry, you don't build it from scratch, just decorate it! There are many Build a Home's throughtout Furcadia, some are different and extra special, so check them out xD. For most of the BAH's to get to a House you simply say the number of the house you want to go to, or for some you say H1-. some BAH's also have gardens, for those who just want a small place to hangout, or don't want to decorate a full house and such, for the BAH's that have gardens, most of them, to get there say G1-, some also have Apartments, Rooms and such, the rules, maps and alot of other stuff are different for most dreams. Be sure to ALWAYS read the rules to a BAH, that way you will know and possibly not get ejected. Most BAH's have places other then the homes and all, such as, Forests, Adoption Centers, Lobbys, Beaches, etc. Staff try their best to keep all BAH's safe, if someone enters your home, just tell staff, if you want. Anyways, every BAH is different, go explore! Be nice and read the rules to stay longer. Well, thats it for now! Have fun home searching. If you need any help feel free to whisper me! One last thing, don't ask for houses in whispers, its best to ask at the desk. Well, bye for now!"

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What your Application should look like.
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